Discoburrito is back! Even though nobody asked for it. This is his new-for-2014 style. Marketeers are saying it’ll be  accessible to a wider audience, in the same manner that rocks to the face tend to grab one’s attention.

Captain ManGuy

Captain ManGuy

He’s got massive pecs

Captain ManGuy

Look out

Here comes Captain ManGuy*


*sung to the tune of the Spider-man theme song

I’m posting this one without comment.

Well, with two comments.

Maybe three. 

Sorry this comic took so long but we had to go in the wayback machine and do some research in 2011 for this one. Time travel is a lengthy process, it turns out. Okay kids! See you back here in the future, tomorrow.

My new air conditioner has traveled to three different states now and it’s still another two days to go before it gets here. What wonderful and terrible lands will it visit before it arrives? I can’t wait to ask it all about its adventures.

Okay! Now go buy some ebooks, won’t you?