The Dungeon Divers sure are getting in deep! Deep deep deep. Tune in later for more things!

Things that happen!

Have you been watching Cosmos? Me neither.

But seriously, folks, it’s mandatory teevee in my home. I’m literally forcing the kids to watch it. Luckily there are no complaints. This is indoctrination at its finest.

Any of you guys playing Elder Scrolls Online? There are an awful lot of worms in that game. They’re everywhere.

Okay! Back to… um… work. Yeah.

Welcome to a special Monday edition ofDungeon Divers! Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Sometimes it’s a good pair of running shoes.

Okay! I have not slept in a whole bunch of hours so now I am going to go do that. See you on Wednesday!

The Dungeon Divers are back for their typical Friday jaunt through the intestines of… something. Say hello! This might be the last time anyone ever sees them.

Have a great weekend! Do something fun and irresponsible.